Waterproof: Desert Oasis
Waterproof: Desert Oasis
Waterproof: Desert Oasis
Desert Oasis Seat Hoody pattern car seat cover universal fit
Desert Oasis Seat Hoody pattern car seat cover universal fit airbag compatible
Waterproof: Desert Oasis
Desert Oasis Seat Hoody car seat cover universal fit nonslip leather seats

Waterproof: Desert Oasis


We created the Seat Hoody after climbing into our car after our favorite outdoor adventures. We like to surf, kiteboard, fish, and spend a lot of time in the water and then climb into our car with a wet wetsuit or bathing suit. We created 100% waterproof Seat Hoodys to protect your car seats from everyday adventures. Seat Hoody protects your seats from water, sand, and sweat. Now you can be comfortable in your car driving to your next adventure. Seat Hoody has your back!

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  • 100% Waterproof - The Seat Hoody is designed with two protective layers. The top layer is comfy and absorbent. The bottom layer is made with 100% waterproof fabric to protect your seats from water after a day in the ocean or sweat after a workout. Two layers of backing may appear connected upon arrival and will separate once washed, always retaining 100% Waterproofness.
  • Universal Fit - Fits all standard vehicle seats. Width and length of Seat Hoody provide maximum coverage and protection for your seat and headrest.
  • Machine washable - To care for your Seat Hoody machine wash on cold and tumble dry on low
  • Easy on & off your seat - We created the hooded design to make a car seat cover that is easy on and off. There is no need to adjust any cords, straps, or buckles – no one has time for that! Simply place the Seat Hoody over your headrest, and you’re set! The Seat Hoody fits to your vehicle seat, stays in place with grippy, non-slip backing, and is easy to take off your seat for machine washing.
  • Stays in place - Specially designed non-slip backing makes all the difference - High quality, specially designed non-slip grippy backing keeps the Seat Hoody in place as you climb into and out of your car. This grippy backing is high quality, durable, and it works. It will never rub off, stain, or stick on your vehicle seat. We promise.
  • Cool, comfortable, breathable material - The Seat Hoody is made with a comfortable polyamide blend that is designed to absorb your sweat and protect your seats. It’s lightweight, machine washable and dryable. Plus, if your car seats get hot from the sun, the Seat Hoody fabric keeps your seat cool and comfy!
  • Perfect for dogs too – Dog lovers rejoice! Protects car seats from your furry friend’s claw marks and dirt.

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