Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts to get Your Boyfriend in 2017

Valentine's day is right around the corner! If you're feeling stuck and don't know what to get your man, we've got you covered. Here are some awesome gifts your guy is sure to love in 2017!


1) Snack of the Month - $60

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It's time to spice up his 2017 with some novelty snacks. Mouth is a snack subscription box that will get delivered to his doorstep every month. Option to get him a medley of unique salty, sweet and crunchy treats or do a themed box! Mouth offers interesting combinations catered to any dude's tastebuds - anything from specialty whiskeys to different types of Jerky. Be prepared to hold the best girlfriend ever award among him and your friends...and hope that he's willing to share!

2) DIY Pole-ish Backyard Game - $30

Frisbee golf meets beer pong! All you need is a frisbee, two poles, a couple of bottles and a few friends! Next time you're hosting a BBQ have some fun trying to knock over the opposite team's bottle with the swift aim of a frisbee. Check out the official rules here or make up some of your own. This is a simple gift him and all of your friends can enjoy! There's plenty of ways you can go about making your own game - Check out the instructions for making Pole-ish or see How to Make Portable Pole-ish


4) HEX Performance - $40

If your guy is sporty and wants to smell good, HEX is the perfect gift! HEX performance is the ultimate manly gear spray & detergent he can use to clean all fabrics including gym clothes and equipment. Practical and fresh, can't get much better than that!  


3) A Do-Everything Bag - $60-120

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Every dude needs a cool bag he can use on the go. Think trips to and from the gym, work, and weekend getaways. Upgrade his standard duffel with a sleek, durable brand like GoRuck or the DSPTCH Gym/Work Bag. Plus you can turn it into a stocking stuffer for Valentine's Day - fill it with his favorite snacks, a pair of workout socks, or some LuLu boxers!

5) Seat Hoody - $48


Does your guy drive a car? Does he like to workout, spend time outdoors, or get dirty and sweaty in general? If you answered yes to any of these questions your man needs a Seat Hoody. The Seat Hoody is a sleek washable car seat cover. It keeps the sweat off your seat after a workout and even snow off your seat after a day skiing on the slopes. It has a grippy non-slip backing and is super easy on & off. It's the perfect addition to their ride and something they'll be able to use on a daily. Shop solid colors and patterns here.

6) Workout Clothes - $50-75

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If he likes to stay fit, this is a classic gift. If you want to make it a surprise, now's the time to sneak a peek at his size in workout shirts and shorts!


7) Playlists 

On a budget? Create playlists for different occasions just for him. Think workout warrior jams, kitchen tunes, romantic mixes, and commuting tracks. This will take some thought and creativity and your guy is sure to love it!

8) Hand-crafted Leather Wallet - $65

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Treat him to a brand new leather wallet. The Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. makes high quality leather goods if your guy appreciates a rugged look.


9) MVMT Watch - $100

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Affordable minimalist watches for any occasion. Great way to make the day special without breaking the bank! Choose from a wide selection of MVMT watches here

10) Air Bonsai Floating Plant - $200

Air Bonsai is a Japanese based company that makes mesmerizing floating plants. The magnetic base is the "energy source" and the floating ball is called the "little star" where the plant grows. It looks cool in any apartment and is an interesting conversation piece. If you're helping your guy do some redecorating consider getting him one of these awesome floating plants!


11) Cook His Favorite Dinner - $40

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His favorite food plus you and his Valentine's Day is made. See the recipe for this delish dish by Taylor Made here. Not great at chef-ing yet? Sign both of you up for some cooking classes and turn it into a fun project this year!

No matter what you do for Valentine's Day he's sure to appreciate you for just being you! If you have more suggestions to add to the list, comment below! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


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