5 Things You Should Do After a Workout


1. Stretch
Never underestimate the benefit of a good ole stretch after a tough day at the gym. Your muscles will thank you tomorrow!
2. Rehydrate

Dehydration can make you tired and irritable. Zap the attitude because a little H20 post workout can go a long way!

3. Refuel

Don’t let your workout go to waste. Make sure to get a healthy meal in so your muscles repair and are ready for your next activity.

4. Log it

Logging your workouts makes you feel good and keeps you accountable.

5. Use a Seat Hoody

Ever climbed into your car sweaty after a workout? That’s right your sweaty legs and back slide around on the leather or soak into fabric….Ew. Never get your seat sweaty again! The Seat Hoody is one of those workout hacks that just makes sense. 


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