Remember your WHY. Why do we workout?

There’s a lot of hullabalu about working out these days. If you workout on a regular basis, or if you’re trying to increase the intensity of your workouts, and especially if you’re trying to get into the habit of working out, it’s important to remember WHY you’re doing all of this. Here are a few WHYS to help keep the motivation up:


1. It feels good to sweat. 


    There’s no doubt about it that working out just feels good. While it can be a bit uncomfortable while you’re doing the squats, the post workout high is no joke. So get that sweat sesh done in the morning, and feel the high all day long!

    2. Confidence.

    Increasing your strength and being in good shape makes you feel good about yourself! So that the next time you have that presentation, go out, or are taking tons of photos with friends for a get together, be comfortable in your skin and have FUN!   

    3. Go on awesome vacations.

    Sweat now to adventure later. When you’re in great shape, you’re able to do awesome things – like surfing, paddle boarding through the grand canyon, and cliff jumping. These activities are loads of fun, but you’ve gotta be in great shape to do them! Now that’s motivation.

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