10 Healthy Girl Problems That Will Make You LOL


When you're healthy, people start to notice. What you do on a daily basis revolves around a healthy lifestyle. You're probably in workout clothes more than normal clothes. You take the stairs whenever there's an opportunity. You scroll through Pinterest like a mad woman pinning all the healthiest recipes. Healthy girls have their quirks, and we gotta stand together! There are certain things every healthy girl can relate to!!

1. You'd Rather be Working Out

Friend: “Let's Go Out! Meet at 10pm?"
Me: "Maybe we can go to black light Zumba instead?..." 

2. Ordering Drinks Like..

Waitress: “What will you have to drink?”
Friend 1: “Old-Fashioned”
Friend 2: “Cosmopolitan”
Friend 3: “Margherita”
Me: “Water, and keep em’ coming.”

3. You Love to Eat Healthy And Your Friends Think You're a Rabbit

Eat clean. Eat greens. Repeat.

4. You Sweat ALOT

Climbing into the car with a sweaty back after a workout like..yup.

Keep that sweat off your seat with a Seat Hoody! Finding those perfect fitness products are what a healthy girl lives for. Bonus points for a Pinterest worthy pattern:)

5. You Prioritize Your Life Around Health 

You wake up early to get a workout in, you park further away from the grocery store to get those extra steps in, you meal prep because a healthy life doesn't just happen. You make it happen! 

6. Going on a Trip: 85% of Your Suitcase is Workout Clothes

7. You're in Workout Clothes More than Regular Clothes

Yep friends frequently comment when you wear NORMAL clothes. 

8. You have the Longest Most Complicated Order at Restaurants

Me: “Can you please put the dressing on the side? And grill the chicken? And instead of the fries, add extra veggies?"

9. You Bring Healthy Snacks to all the Parties


Nothing beats a classic veggie tray.


10. But at the end of the day it’s all worth it, because you get to do this:

Go on Adventures


And this...

Rock your bikini


And of course...

Dress up and feel fabulous.

Plus it never gets old being healthy and happy! Like if you agree:) Share with friends that are all about that healthy lifestyle!


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