9 Ski Trip Essentials You Need to Pack

Planning a ski trip this spring? Here are 9 not-so-obvious things you should pack that will make all the difference on your ski trip!


1) Bathing Suit

Bathing suit great for a ski trip
photo by EteSwimwear

While you won’t need your suit while your skiing down the mountain, most ski resorts do have hot tubs and pools, so you’ll definitely want to remember to bring a bathing suit! Check out Ete Swimwear for beautiful, unique suits for the feminine adventurer!


2) Darn Tough Socks

Best socks for skiing

photo by Darn Tough

When the weather turns icy you need socks you can rely on. Make sure your feet stay cozy warm with a pair of the best winter socks out there: Darn Tough Socks. With warm feet you can actually enjoy your ski time!


3) Protect the Neck

Best neck gaiter for skiing

photo by Turtle Fur

Most of the time you’re going to need more than a hat to stay warm while you’re skiing. This Turtle Fur Bandana neck and face shield is sure to keep you toasty all day long! Plus it comes in different patterns so you can be stylin on the slopes. 


4) Go Pro + Helmet Mount

Go Pro for ski trip

Capture your experience so you can replay it later! There really is nothing like shredding on sparkling powder with snowy mountains ranges surrounding you. With a GoPro, you can take photos and videos of you and your friends that will make your ski experience last forever!


5) Seat Hoody 

Car seat cover to keep your seat warm 

If you’re renting a vehicle, or if you’re a local driving to the slopes, the Seat Hoody will keep the snow off your car seats + keep your car seats warm! The new Nordic Flurry Seat Hoody is perfect for your upcoming ski trip.

6) Sunscreen 

Best sunscreen for skiing

Yes! You need sunscreen on the slopes. In fact, UV exposure increases as your altitude increases. That means your face is more likely to be burnt on your ski trip in Colorado than it is on a beach day in Hawaii! Protect yourself with some sweat-resistant organic Butterbean Sunscreen. It’s made with coconut oil and shea butter, so your face will stay moisturized and protected from the sun.


7) Shades

Good sunglasses for the mountains

Exchange your ski goggles with some cool shades on your off days and down time. The white snow + bright sunshine can be blinding, and you’ll be glad you have your shades. Check out these sustainable bamboo sunglasses if you need a new pair.


8) Podcasts or Book Tape

Best podcasts for road trip

If you're road tripping to the mountains, you and your friends will need some entertainment for the car ride! Check out the RadioLab Podcast for awesome stories about life - you'll learn something and it's guaranteed to spark great conversations while you're chillin in the hot tubs later.


9) Deck of Cards

At the end of a day of skiing, there’s nothing like a hearty meal, and tucking in to a fun game of cards. Ski resorts host people from around the world, and a good card game can be a great way to invite others to your table and make new friends! 

Comment below to share more ski trip essentials that people overlook! 


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