9 Post-Workout Hacks

Ever had a super-sweaty workout that you know will have you toilet-bowl sore (aka so sore you can feel it when you sit down) two days later? These are 9 things you need to know!

 1. Specific foods to aid recovery

Tart Cherries: cherries help reduce muscle soreness and may speed muscle recovery. 

Tumeric & Ginger: contain anti-inflammatory properties to speed muscle recovery. 

Eggs: perfect source of protein and contain leucine which is the most important amino acid your body uses to build muscle.

2. Use a Seat Hoody

Ever climbed into your car sweaty after a workout? The Seat Hoody is a car seat cover that keeps sweat and dirt off your seat. Completely washable and has a non-slip backing! Never sit on a sweaty seat again. 

3. Stretches

Many athletes avoid stretching after a workout. Remember to get in these stretches everyday to avoid back pain and reduce muscle soreness!

  • Hamstrings: lay on your back with one leg stretched to the sky the other one straight on the ground. Use both hands to pull your outstretched leg towards you. Tip: use a jump rope to gently pull your leg towards your torso if your hamstrings are especially tight.
  • Hip-flexors: sit in a lunge but put back leg bent against a wall to target the hip-flexer. Sink into a deeper lunge keeping back leg against the wall. For an additional challenge, place one arm above your head and lean over in a side stretch. 
  • Glutes: stand with a chair in front of you. Pick up and bend one leg onto the chair in a figure four stretch. Increase intensity by stretching deeper or using a taller chair.
  • Shoulders: this one requires a partner. Lay on your stomach with your arms above your head. Partner pulls your arms up from the ground slowly until you feel a stretch. To increase intensity, partner can use their knees against your shoulder blades as they pull your arms up. This is a great one for opening up your shoulders and chest!
4. Heat

Heat warms muscles and increases blood flow to aching muscles. Heat tends to be best for chronic rather than acute muscle soreness.

5. Cold

Some experts believe ice is best for acute injuries. If you're feeling brave try submerging your waist down in an icebath for 10-15 minutes. You're body will thank you tomorrow!

6. Massage

The occasional massage can go a long way. Massages help increase blood flow to tight muscles. If you're feeling sore, treat yourself to a massage every now and then to help alleviate muscle soreness and up your performance.

7. Use a foam roller

Similar to a massage, foam rolling lengthens muscles and gets the blood flowing after a workout. Start with your lower calves and work your way up to every major muscle group. 

8. Water

Drinking water after a workout ensures you replenish fluids lost during exercise. Dehydration affects energy levels. Make sure to get in enough water before, during, and after a workout before you reach that point!

9. Electrolytes

During exercise, the body's electrolyte levels change. Your body loses electrolytes through sweat. This depletion in electrolytes can cause muscle cramps, muscle fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. To replenish your electrolytes, look for drinks with 4-9% carbs per 8 oz and about 120-170 mg of sodium. Peanut butter, pickles, and tomato juice are alternatives that can help replenish electrolytes as well. 



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