8 Best Valentine's Day Gifts Your Fit Partner will Love for 2017

Valentine's day is right around the corner! This is the year to ditch cliche gifts and surprise your partner with amazing gifts they are guaranteed to love. So spice it up and get your V day planning done!


1) Lat & Lo


If you want to get a little sappy this Valentine's Day get her a piece of custom jewelry inscribed with unique latitude and longitude coordinates of a special place on earth you've shared together. Think where you first met, where you got engaged or married, or another place of significance to you. Shop Lat & Lo here!

2) Edible Arrangement


This is a spin on the traditional bouquet of flowers. An edible arrangement is a healthy treat you both can enjoy! Plus you don't have to throw out the flowers in a week ~ simply freeze the leftover fruit, that is if there's any left! 


3) Destination Race Tickets

Tips for Running a Destination Race

If your guy has been talking about signing up for a half-marathon for a few months, this is a fun way to say you've noticed and want to support his fitness journey! If you like to train together, buy two tickets and make a weekend trip out of it. Bonus points if you find a race in a new place you can adventure to! Want to wait to see if he/she is free that weekend? Print out the vouchers and pitch the trip during your candle lit dinner!


4) Seat Hoody 


If you or your partner likes to get your sweat on, look no further! The Seat Hoody is a washable car seat cover that keeps the sweat off your seat after a workout. It has a grippy non-slip backing and is super easy on & off. It's the perfect accessory for their ride and something they'll be able to use on a daily. Shop solid colors and patterns!

5) Workout Apparel

lululemon workout clothes 

Workout apparel is a classic gift they are sure to appreciate. If you don't know where to start try Lululemon, Zella, Fabletics, or Athleta


6) Playlists

On a budget? Create playlists for different occasions just for them. Think workout warrior jams, kitchen tunes, romantic mixes, commuting tracks, and bubblebath blues. This will take some thought and creativity and your partner will love it!

7) Homemade Coupons + Cook their Favorite Dinner

Who doesn't love a good massage or a few extra xoxos? Show them you care with some homemade coupons they can redeem at any time. Plus cooking them their favorite dinner will be something they're sure to enjoy!


8) Start Writing Love Letters for Next Year

Start writing your partner a letter every week and store them away in a secret place. Give them the box next Valentine's Day and watch their eyes light up. Nothing is better than showing your love for them coming full circle! This one takes some commitment but if you can pull it off it will be worth it!

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