5 Funky Ski Essentials You Need This Season

Winter has arrived and you're in the market for the bright, the bold and the best of the best gear this ski season. If you're ready to strut your stuff down the slopes, read on for some far-out gear we know you'll love.


1) Shinesty American Flag Ski Bib

Shinesty is known for their outlandish garb. If you're looking to go bold you've got to check out their classic American Flag ski bib. The bib's purpose is two fold: keep you warm and toasty and of course lookin just about as fly as a baby bald eagle soaring down the mountain. 

2) Tipsy Elves Alpine Jacket

Go Retro with an Alpine Explorer Jacket by TipsyElves. Turn your style up two notches with a windbreaker that'll transport you back to the rent's glory days.  

3) Nordic Flurry Seat Hoody

Want to keep your seat dry after a long day shredding? The Seat Hoody is a car seat cover that keeps the snow off your seat after a day on the slopes. Never sit on a cold, wet, crumby seat again. Bonus points for keeping your car looking fresh as you road trip to and from the mountain.

4) Voice Communicating Ski Goggles


For all those times you can't find your friends on the mountain and end up skiing half the trip solo. You're welcome. Check out these voice communicating goggles here.


5) Thermoball Booties

Because ski boots are still in the stone ages when it comes to comfort. These Thermoball Booties will make your feet feel like a cloud is giving them a warm embrace when you take a break from skiing.


Comment below with more suggestions! Happy skiing!



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