4 Things Every Triathlete Needs to Know

1) Create the right training schedule

So you want to do a triathlon? The first thing you need is a kick ass training schedule. But where to start? This is a question many beginners and even experienced triathletes struggle with. There are many excellent resources online with pre-packaged workout plans, but when it comes down to it, the real struggle is coming up with a plan that suits your body’s needs. Remember every athlete is different and you may need to tweak your workout plan along the way. Start off slow and build up your cross training regiment as you go.  


2) Get the right equipment


Every triathlete knows they have to get the right bathing suit, bike gear, and running shoes. Here's a list of workout gear that'll make your life easier AFTER a workout while you're training. Every triathlete's dream:)

  • Healthy snack to refuel your body immediately after exercise

    • Healthy meal loaded with leafy greens, quinoa, avocado, and chickpeas!

    • Use a Seat Hoody


      Keep the sweat off your seat after a workout! The Seat Hoody is machine washable, easy on & off, and has a non-slip backing. Never sit on a sweaty seat again. 

      3) Work on your weaknesses

      Spending extra time on your weaker events will make you feel more confident going in to the race. It might mean gritting your teeth and going for an extra bike ride or hopping in the pool more than you’d like. It will be difficult but also very rewarding to push yourself outside your comfort zone! You might just surprise yourself at how much you can improve.


      4) Join a Group

      Get involved with a triathlon group in your community. Whether that’s at your local gym or online, connecting with the right group can make a huge difference. The best groups are welcoming and encourage members to ask questions about the sport. It can also be a great place to find training buddies. Overall it’s an excellent place to find motivation and support leading up to race day and meet a bunch of cool people!

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